Report Crime

Spottem is an app for sharing & reporting crime and security risks, accessible to everyone across South Africa to make this country a better and safer place, together.

Feel Safe

Always be aware of your surroundings and what is happening in your neighborhood.
Regain your sense of security – By using Spottem you can reduce your risks of falling victim to crime.

Get Help

With Spottem you always have someone watching your back, right from your pocket! Request help in any emergency situation – whether it is your security company, family or friends – help will be on their way.

Making South Africa A Safer Place

What is Spottem?

The purpose of the Spottem app is not only to provide information about criminal activity and incidences, but to give the people of South Africa an opportunity to take back their own sense of security.  Being accessible to everyone – together we can help those in need and make this country a safer place.

Everyone can use this app

Who is it for?

Whether you are tourist, business owner, student or just a local resident – everyone is part of this community.

Why does everybody need this app:

  • General crime activity has an effect on everyone in South Africa
  • Blind spots in terms of security – There is always room for improvement!
  • Any information related to crime is difficult to come by and usually has to be paid for.
  • Most crime statistics & information being shared with the public is only based on reported crimes to the authorities
  • Currently WhatsApp – and Facebook groups are being used for security information. A lot of irrelevant information get sent to those groups

    Unique Features

    • Report Crime & Activities

      Easily report suspicious or actual criminal activities and help prevent & inform others in the community.

    • Security in Your Area

      Always be informed and feel more secure in the area you live in or in the areas you travel to, like your workplace.

    • Latest News

      Always be up do date on the latest news in terms of crime and personalize your feed to your specific needs.

      • Get Emergency Help

        In case of an emergency you can request help from your security company or immediately inform people that are close to you.

      • Connect With People

        Connect with your friends, family or your service providers like your security company or other emergency services.

      • Share Information

        Share information with others and also access information to create a safer place and prevent criminal activities.

      Available on App Store and Google Play

      Download the app for free and Spottem!

      Benefits Of App


      The app is free for download to everyone and is available on IOS & Android.

      Stay Connected

      Always stay connected to your loved ones & assist in emergencies.

      Prevent Crime

      Be a part of a large community and share information that can prevent crime.

      Emergency Assistance

      Request immediate assistance if you are in a dangerous situation.

      How It Works

      Download App

      Search Spottem on the Google Playstore or your Apple Store and download.

      Setup Your Settings

      Setup your profile, add your address and setup your preferences.

      Spottem & Feel Safe

      Spot suspicious or actual activities and share with others.

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