The purpose of the Spottem app is not only to provide information about criminal activity and incidences, but to give the people of South Africa an opportunity to take back their own sense of security.  Being accessible to everyone – together we can help those in need and make this country a safer place.

To upload a spot, open the Spottem App, tap the map in the area you saw the event and select the type. Then select the category and add some details of your spot. If you have a photo of to add you can upload it.

Once your spot is uploaded it will appear on the map where you placed it, available for anyone to see and comment on. If you witness a crime remember to also alert the authorities as soon as possible.

No, Spottem is free for all users.

Simply open the menu in the top left corner and select contacts. From there you can invite anyone who has Spottem to be an emergency contact.

When you press the SOS button, all of your emergency contacts will be alerted that you are in distress and given your location.

Open the menu at the top left of your screen and tap ‘My Account”. Then tap the three dots in the top right of the screen and select “information sharing”. You will be able to toggle location sharing on and off from there.

You can contact us at

Please email any issues you have with the app to